Kevin Oh Proudly Talks About Wife Gong Hyo Jin For The First Time Since Their Marriage, Says She Inspires Him And More

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Kevin Oh, who recently got married to actress Gong Hyo Jin, has shared the behind-the-scenes of his own song written by Gong Hyo Jin and more through an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Kevin Oh, who released his first full-length album “Pieces of _” after his marriage, gave off a happy new groom’s energy with a shy smile under the autumn sun in a pictorial with Cosmopolitan.

In an interview conducted along with the pictorial, Kevin Oh expressed his attachment to lyrics of his song “The Dawn When You and I Were Sleeping” written by the singer himself and his wife Gong Hyo Jin. Regarding the lyrics written by Gong Hyo Jin, such as “On this dark night when useless worries are blooming, your cheeks sparkle with love,” Kevin Oh said,

“It’s a song that started with an article given by my fiancé (Gong Hyo Jin) one day. I wanted to make it into a song because the writing was so good. I didn’t have to fix any words and rewrite it. It just happened to fit the melody that I was writing. It seems like the lyrics are made for this melody. It’s really nice to sing about the feelings of the person I love.”

Kevin Oh then talked about why love is the best of everything, and how love turns into a song. He said, stressing that love is the most important thing,

All you need is love. As the Beatles song goes, love is enough. Work, honor, and many things are important in life, but the most important thing is love. Including the love we share with friends and family as well as lovers. So, all my songs are extended forms of love. Not only me, but I also think the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and many of my favorite musicians do.”

He also expressed his affection for his wife, Gong Hyo Jin. Kevin Oh said,

I’m very inspired by my wife but I don’t want to express it in the obvious words. However, I feel reassured that we both have someone to love and trust.”

Regarding his first full-length “Pieces of _” in six years since his debut, he explained the meaning of his album’s title, saying,

I worked so energetically that all my worries for six years were concealed. The album is titled ‘Pieces of _’ because each track contains certain emotions, things, and memories in each blank. Put it all together, it’s youth after all.
It was a process of combining the words I wanted to tell myself in the past, the sculptures of love, the sculptures of dreams, the fragments of wounds, and such stories one by one, and completing them.”

Kevin Oh was born in New York and majored in economics at the prestigious Dartmouth University, however, has taken a different path and chose music, when asked why he chose this, Kevin Oh said,

I played guitar while studying. There was always a guitar on my lap. Music is a dream that I really wanted to do since I was young, but even I didn’t acknowledge it. I followed that path because it was safer and there was a set path towards it, but I thought I would regret it if I didn’t do what I really wanted to do. So, I don’t have regrets now.”

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