MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” Receives Backlash For Writing BTS Members’ Real Names And Birth Dates On List Of Death By Homicide In A Scene

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MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” production is under fire after screenshots of one of its episodes went viral and its related to BTS.

BTS members are no strangers to being mentioned by various Korean dramas and movies. Due to their immense popularity and influence, they’re often mentioned in kdramas and sometimes in clever ways that go viral. However, this recent one is odd, to say the least.

The drama “Tomorrow” deals with very heavy topics focusing mostly on suicide. The drama has failed to live up to its expectations and has been suffering from low ratings.

Recently, fans began posting a screenshot from the MBC drama “Tomorrow.” The screenshot shows BTS’s members real names and birth dates [with the exception for the year] being written on a list of a registry of ‘entering dead.’ The list says they died by homicide.

One of the entries is written as Kim Tae Hyung “1971.12.30,” BTS’s V real name is Kim Taehyung and he was born on the 30th of December but in the year 1995. there was another name on the list called Kim Yoo Rim with the birth date registered as 1997.09.01 which is BTS’s Jungkook’s birth date.

Fans found the entries too similar to BTS to be a coincidence and are wondering why the production team behind the drama chose to do that, many labeled it ‘creepy,’ and ‘odd.’

The reason why many fans remain skeptic and annoyed is the fact that the drama airs on MBC who is known to have been allegedly had a fallout with HYBE. As many of HYBE artists [including those of its subsidiaries] haven’t appeared on any of their shows until very recently and still very rarely.

Do you think fans are overreacting or was the drama at fault for doing this?

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