KBS Temporarily Cancels Upcoming Wednesday-Thursday Dramas Slot, Pushes Back Kim Dong Wook And Jin Ki Joo Upcoming Drama Release Date

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KBS Wednesday-Thursday dramas are temporarily suspended.

A KBS official said on January 6th Maeil Business News Star Today regarding the temporary suspension of Wednesday-Thursday dramas, “There is a possibility of change, but the temporary suspension is correct.” Currently, “Oasis” is scheduled as the follow-up to the Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Brain Works’.”

Originally, “My Love, Accidentally Met You”, starring actors Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo, was scheduled to be aired in January, but the production was delayed as the drama was temporarily suspended. “My Love, Accidentally Met You” will move to a Monday-Tuesday drama instead of a Wednesday-Thursday drama, and you can meet it in May at the earliest.

Currently, the KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Brain Works” starring Jung Yong Hwa and Cha Tae Hyun is being broadcast. After “Brain Works”, “Oasis” of Jang Dong Yoon and Seol In Ah will be broadcast.


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