KBS Respond To Netizens Requests To Drop Park Hye Soo From The Cast Of “Dear.M” Following Her School Violence Allegations

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KBS has issued a response after netizens petitioned to have her removed from her upcoming drama “Dear.M” following the bullying allegations made against her.

The issue came out in mid-February and as a result, the premiere of “Dear.M” was pushed back indefinitely, KBS has also recently announced their decision to air “Imitation” before “Dear.M.”

On March 16, a source from KBS responded to fans demands of replacing Park Hye Soo, they stated that the drama has been put on hold while the allegations against Park Hye Soo are being verified through police investigation, KBS will wait until a verdict comes out and will implement changes accordingly such as re-shoots and more.

The issue became bigger for KBS since “Dear.M” was a pre-produced drama, meaning it was shot completely before its premiere putting KBS in a difficult spot, re-shoots would not only be expensive but could face difficulties depending on the actors availability to re-shoot depending on their schedules.

Park Hye Soo has vehemently denied the bullying allegations made against her, and despite her strong response and the fact that her label is taking strict legal action public opinion on her remains largely negative.

What are your thoughts on this?

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