KBS Reportedly Cancels Its Production For “School 2020” After The Messy Casting Controversy + KBS Issues A Response

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The future of “School 2020” is uncertain!

On April 10, a Korean news outlet reported that after various discussions, KBS has decided not to continue with the next installment of the hugely popular School series.

Last month, the controversy was sparked involving Ahn Seo Hyun, the actress was initially considered for the lead female role but all of a sudden, news of her withdrawal was posted and it caused a lot of confusion among fans who had been anticipating her appearance on the drama. Instead, it was reported that Kim Sae Ron was instead being considered for the leading role.

Ahn Seo Hyun had already participated in a script read-through for the drama and also posted about the drama on social media, including a photo of herself with lead actor Kim Yo Han and director Han Sang Woo.

This was followed by statements from Ahn Seo Hyun and KBS production team, each one contradicting the other. KBS claims Ahn Seo Hyun’s father made unreasonable demands that became unbearable for the production team, while Ahn Seo Hyun’s father says they were stabbed in the back and that KBS had conducted under-the-table searches for another actress while his daughter had already participated in the script reading. The father also claims they didn’t sign a contract because the production kept delaying it.

The issue garnered negative feedback towards KBS, Ahn Seo Hyun revealed that she had been personally preparing for the role for almost a year and has made several social media posts talking about ‘being betrayed by the adults.’

A couple of days ago, it was also reported that WJSN Eunseo was offered the second leading role for the drama. While KBS didn’t confirm or deny the news, the idol’s agency stated that she was looking over the offer with a ‘favorable outlook.’ If she accepts it’ll mark her TV screen debut, she’s only been in MVs and web dramas thus far.

Following this report, KBS told DongA.com that they’re currently discussing the matter and that nothing has been decided yet.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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