Kang Ki Young Reflects On “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Massive Popularity And Why He Thinks It Will Change His Life 

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Actor Kang Ki Young, who is receiving huge love as a senior lawyer in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” shares his experience on MBC radio program “Dude.”

On August 2, Kang Ki Young appeared as a guest on MBC radio program “2 PM’s Date with Muzie & Ahn Young Mi”, which was broadcasted live on the afternoon.

Kang Ki Young has recently played the role of Jung Myung Seok in the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Chung Myung Seok is a senior lawyer who mentors Woo Young-woo in the main role. In response, Kang Ki Young is so loved that he is called as “Half-dad” by “Woo Young-woo” fans.

Regarding the popularity of this work and characters, Muzie said, “I was told to be careful of what I say today.” In response, Kang Ki Young said, “I’m also very nervous.” And while saying “Woo Young-woo,” he confessed, “I’m really nervous also because it’s my first time on a radio show.”

Kang Ki Young said,

The filming of the drama has ended. I was also watching the drama from a viewer’s point of view.
And I wanted to appear in this show to meet you two genius comedians and genius musician.
I didn’t expect to receive this kind of syndrome-like response. I didn’t expect the ratings to rise so high. I got emotional the next morning when the first and second episodes were broadcasted. I think it’s going well and I think it’s going to change my life.”

In response, Muzie said, “The production team and Ahn Young Mi talked about ‘Woo Young-woo’ every single day.”

In fact, the ratings of the drama have increased 15 times from the first episode. Kang Ki Young said, “The broadcast began after the end of the shooting, so there was no fuss on the set, but it was a mess in the group chat room.” In response, Ahn Young Mi added, “I’m also watching well as Joo Hyun Young, who was with me in ‘SNL’ is in the drama.

Kang spoke of her popularity, “I felt like I was walking on clouds. As viewers evaluated me as sexy and sweet, it almost influenced my acting. I think it’s better that the shooting is over,” he said with a smile.

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  1. Kang Ki Yong in Ex Attorney Woo, Netflix, played his role intelligently and mindfully. I appreciated his acting ability and hope to see more of him in the future.

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