Kang Tae Oh Says He Was Able To Make His Mother Quit Her Job After “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Massive Success

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 “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Star Kang Tae Oh has spoken about how the popularity of his recent drama made it possible for him to make his mother quit her job and how much it affected his life.

In the interview, he said,

My goal was to get my mother to quit her job before joining the army. That dream came true now. I’m thankful that I met such great work, but I’m proud to be able to go to the military comfortably!”

Actor Kang Tae Oh, who played Lee Joon Ho, the main character of the recently wrapped up ENA channel drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” showed his unique “Nice teeth smile.”

Through this drama, he enjoyed a lot of popularity after 10 years of his debut in the role of Jun Ho who understands and loves the main character Woo Young Woo as she is. In particular, Lee Jun Ho communicated his love feelings to Woo Young Woo and said dialogues such as, “I’m sad.” “I’ll be your. I’ll be your special hug chair.” have become famous lines from the drama. Thanks to this, the actor was nicknamed “the national sad man” and “the national hug chair.” He has emerged as a “blue chip in the advertising industry” with a soft and sound image through the drama.

First of all, I remodeled our house, and then I told my mother, ‘Stop working and get rehabilitation treatment.’

He wanted to help his father, who drove a bus in Incheon, to help his father, the actor’s mother didn’t hesitate to work in factories, restaurants, and recently at the sauna counter. He recently donated 20 million won to help victims of torrential rains in the central region. “It’s all thanks to your love and support. I was able to give my parents a gift that I couldn’t do before. Since I was an elementary school student, I dreamed of becoming an actor while on stage at various theater festivals.”

After debuting in 2013 with the web drama “After School: Lucky Or Not” and receiving the year-end male rookie award for the KBS2 drama “The Tale Of Nokdu” in 2019. In addition to his handsome appearance, he received good grades for his acting skills as he repeatedly made a clear transformation between good and evil. With the popularity of the drama at a “Syndrom” level, many people mentioned this as the “Kang Tae Oh era.”

Kang Tae Oh’s military enlistment is coming up. He’s been saying that he wants to go to the UDT or the Marine Corps,

As soon as the drama is over, people started saying, ‘Strike when the iron is hot?’. But I feel it’s really good that I’m going now when things are going great for me,  I feel like I’m going after eating a solid meal. I feel like I’ve passed a new revolving door as an actor. I learned a lot. My goal in life is to come back happily and contribute to a work where I can feel the healing and warmth of my life if I have a chance.”

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