Kang So Ra And Jang Seung Jo Upcoming Drama Unveils Official Poster And Confirms Premiere Date

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The teaser poster and trailer for the new drama, “Can I Become A Stranger?” has been released.

On the 1st, Genie TV released a teaser showing Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo’s push-and-pull chemistry ahead of the release of the drama, “Can I Become A Stranger?” written by Park Jin Ri and directed by Kim Yang Hee.

“Can I Become A Stranger?” is a drama about a divorce lawyer’s love life, where divorce is easy but separation is difficult. The story is attracting attention as it is the next work of director Kim Yang Hee after co-directing “Our Blues”.

Kang So Ra plays the role of Oh Ha Ra who is a star divorce lawyer, known as the queen of litigation. Jang Seung Jo plays Koo Eun Beom, Oh Ha Ra’s ex-husband and colleague.

The poster captures the subtle push-and-pull chemistry between Oh Ha Ra and Koo Eun Beom who live as strangers after their divorce but reunite as colleagues. The two people having a conversation remind us of a couple talking just before a kiss.

In the trailer, Oh Ha Ra is a popular lawyer and when Koo Eun Beom appears in her life again, she struggles to maintain personal and professional boundaries.

Oh Ha Ra’s anger can be seen when she points a knife at Eun Beom but as the phrase says about them, ‘Divorce lawyers who are easy to divorce but not to separate’ raises curiosity on whether they can really become strangers.

“Can I Become A Stranger?” will be broadcast in January 2023 on ENA and will be also released on Genie TV and domestic OTT.


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