Kang Ji Hwan And His Agency Ordered To Pay The Production Company Of The Drama “Joseon Survival” 5.3 Billion Won In Compensation

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Studio Santa Claus, the production company behind the drama “Joseon Survival” won a lawsuit against actor Kang Ji Hwan and Jellyfish Entertainment.

Studio Santa Claus, the production company, recently announced that it was decided they wukk receive a total of 5.3 billion won ($3,700,000) in compensation following the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the hearing in a lawsuit against Kang Ji Hwan and Jellyfish Entertainment.

Earlier, Kang Ji Hwan was indicted on charges of forcibly molesting and sexually assaulting two women who were outsourced staff while filming the 2019 drama “Joseon Survival,” and was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment and three years of probation. As the charges became known, Kang Ji Hwan dropped out of the drama and his contract with his agency was terminated.

Studio Santa Claus, the production company of “Joseon Survival,” filed a lawsuit against Kang Ji Hwan for compensation of about 6.3 billion won ($4,398,000). At the time, an official at Studio Santa Claus demanded the return of the performance fee, saying, “Kang Ji Hwan’s offenses made it impossible to fulfill his obligations under the contract.” The reason for this was that the number of episodes of the drama aired was reduced from 20 to 16 due to Kang Ji Hwan’s arrest.

Since then, the first part of the court has ruled that Kang Ji Hwan should be compensated for 5.3 billion won ($ 3,700,000) and delayed interest, and 600 million won ($418,000) should be shared with his agency Jellyfish.

Kang Ji Hwan objected and appealed, but the second trial also passed the same ruling. Later, on September 29, the Supreme Court rejected the appeals of Kang Ji Hwan and his agency Jellyfish. Meaning, now both must pay for the production company.

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