Kang Ha Neul Says Kim Woo Bin Has been On His Mind A lot These Days

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Kang Ha Neul love for his previous movie and drama co-star Kim Woo Bin is too much.

The actor Kang Ha Neul sent another encouraging message to his friend Kim Woo Bin amid his cancer battle.

The actor Kang Ha Neul is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Midnight Runners” and on July 28th he sat down for an interview and talked about Kim Woo Bin.

During the interview he said,

“Maybe its because the movie reminds me of “Twenty” but I have been keeping Kim Woo Bin in my heart these days. I’ve been thinking about him a lot, even right now.”

He talked about the time when they filmed “Twenty”, he said,

“I didn’t know Woo Bin was suffering from cancer while we were filming for the movie, I found out only after we finished filming.”

He added,

“I often send him messages each day like ‘careful not catch a cold’ and such. This is why its more heart-breaking. I hope my friend gets better with all my heart.”

It was recent confirmed that Kim Woo Bin has completed his first round of therapy and is now strong enough to exercise, his future plans depends on how well his body received the medication and therapy, the results will be out in August.

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