Famous Actor Kang Dong Won Finally Reveals How He Became Friends With BTS V

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Kang Dong Won has recently sat down for an interview and finally revealed how he became acquainted with BTS V.

Previously, BTS V made headlines after returning from the U.S earlier than the rest of his members and it turned out to have been because he wanted to support Kang Dong Won.

On that same day, the film “Broker” held a VIP preview screening and it was attended by many of the biggest names in the industry from actors to idols including BTS V.

Kang Dong Won called V, ‘a cute dongsaeng,’ he also revealed he was unaware he came back to Korea because of him and only found out at the VIP Preview.

As to how Kang Dong Won became friends with BTS V, he revealed that Park Hyo Shin was the one who introduced them to each other. Kang Dong Won says he’s good friends with Park Hyo Shin and once when they were hanging out together, V came. Since V is from Geochang-gun and Kang Dong Won had attended high school there, V wanted to meet him and they became friends.

“Broker” recently premiered at Cannes International Film Festival and Song Kang Ho has won the Best Actor award for his role in the movie becoming the first-ever Korean male to win this award at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Broker” hits theaters in Korea on June 8.

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