K-Netizens Grow Skeptic About Ku Hye Sun’s Extended Hospital Stay, She Announces Her Discharge

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Ku Hye Sun intentions and Instagram posts are being questioned by K-netizens!

A couple of weeks ago, Ku Hye Sun revealed that she was hospitalized to undergo polyp removal surgery. She hasn’t been active for two weeks before yesterday; she shared an update and stated that she’s still in the hospital.

When she initially revealed that she was hospitalized, responses were overwhelmingly positive, people wished her a speedy recovery.

However, since she’s been in the hospital for a while people began to question why she’s still there and if she’s lying about her extended hospital stay to gain sympathy from the public.

Many k-netizens began sharing their own experiences with polyp removal surgery. Many said that they had it removed and were discharged either the same day or the day after. One comment said,

“My father had his polyp removed and was discharged the same day.”

If you browse the internet, many medical websites state something similar to K-netizens remarks. According to Healthline, the hospital stay for polyp removal surgery depends on the type of anesthesia administrated,

“You’ll be in a recovery room once you wake up from general anesthesia. You may need to stay in the hospital for one to two days, or longer.

You’ll be able to go home on the same day after a polypectomy with local anesthesia.”

The next day after she updated her fans saying that she was still in the hospital, she announced that she got discharged.

She posted a selfie to her instagram and wrote,

“I got discharged! Thank you for worrying about me.”

However, reactions remain cold towards her.

What do you think of this?


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  1. People will talk crap about anything, its her life, who cares how many days she had to stay. Not everyone is the same, maybe her doctors had some concerns about postop bleed. You don’t know and frankly its not your business. I’m sure she has enough money to pay for her hospital stay (NOT coming out of your pockets). She’s a wonderful actress and I wish the best for her and I’m glad for her discharge. Ku Hye Sun stay strong.

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