Jung Woo Sung Confirmed For First Drama In 10 Years, Shin Hyun Bin Joins As Well

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Actor Jung Woo Sung has been confirmed to return to the small screen for the first time in 10 years with actress Shin Hyun Bin in the upcoming drama.

“Tell Me You Love Me” (tentative title) is a melodrama about Cha Jin Woo who is played by Jung Woo Jung, a hearing-impaired person who is used to expressing emotions through pictures instead of words, and Jung Mo Eun who is played by Shin Hyun Bin, who expresses her feelings through her voice. Jin Woo is an easygoing person who lives in a quiet world and is unaffected by the prejudices of people. Mo Eun respects herself the way she is and proudly runs after achieving her dreams and love.

This will mark Jung Woo Sung’s first drama since “Padam Padam” which aired in 2011-2012

“Tell Me You Love Me” is based on a Japanese drama with the same name. It was broadcast on TBS in Japan in 1995 and swept the best drama, screenplay, actor, and actress awards at the local TV drama Academy Awards. It is written by Kim Min Jung, author of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” (2016) and “The Sound of Magic” (2022). Director Kim Yoon Jin who directed “Our Beloved Summer” (2021-2022) will direct the drama. Studio & New, a production company, said, “We will start filming at the end of this year. We are discussing the broadcast on various channels and platforms.”

Are you excited about this drama?

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