Jung Ji So And Yoon Se Ah To Play Lead Roles In An Upcoming Drama Based On A Webtoon 

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The webtoon “The Perfect Family” will be produced into a drama.

“The Perfect Family,” is a webtoon about the story of Sun Hee’s family, which looks happy and perfect, but it changes one day due to the death of Sun Hee’s friend Kyung Ho.

“The Perfect Family” is a work that caught the attention of readers with events that caused a twist in the name of the family with a solid narrative and conclusion.

Director Isao Yukisada, who will direct the drama “The Perfect Family,” swept the awards, including the 25th Japanese Academy Award for Best Director, for “GO” in 2002. In 2004, the record-breaking hit “Shouting Love in the Center of the World” created a syndrome throughout Japan and has a high profile in Korea. In addition, Yukisada’s work, which combines lyrical and aesthetic images and layered human shapes, shakes the audience’s hearts with the first manga production “Reverse Edge” winning the International Critics’ Federation Award at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival in 2018.

On top of that, actress Jung Ji So, who has been recognized for her acting skills in a number of dramas such as “Parasite” and “Curtain Call,” and actress Yoon Se Ah, who is loved for her various acting changes in numerous works such as “SKY Castle” and “Stranger” will join the cast.

Jung Ji So plays the role of Choi Sun Hee, a high school girl who confesses to her mother that she killed a friend in her class, and is at the center of the case. It will show a strong performance in facing the deadly truth hidden by growing doubts. Yoon Se Ah is expected to lead the drama dramatically as she is at the center of the breakdown incident as Ha Eun Joo.

“Perfect Family” draws attention as it portrays a family drama format of a genre, heralding solid narrative and well-organized stories, as well as synergy between talented producers and actors, recognized for their acting skills. In a new format, it aims for the sympathy of the younger generation and aims for strong stimulation through unexpected combinations, presenting the birth of family dramas that fit the generation.

In particular, “The Perfect Family,” which will be produced as a drama, has revealed its plan to be aired on OTT around the world, drawing expectations not only from domestic but also from overseas viewers.

The production is drawing attention from drama fans as it is in the Victorian content that recorded numerous hits such as “What Happened in Bali,” “Empress Ki,” “The Moon Rising River” and “Curtain Call.”


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