Jung Ji So Confirmed To Play The Lead Role In The Drama Adaptation Of The Hit Movie “Miss Granny”

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The movie “Miss Granny” has been confirmed to be made into a drama, and actress Jung Ji So will play the lead role.

“Miss Granny” is the story of her 70-year-old grandmother, Oh Mal Soon, who overnight transforms into a 20-year-old Oh Doo Ri, and then enjoys her golden age once again. It was a hit when it was released in 2014, attracting 8.66 million viewers.

Jung Ji So confirmed her role as Oh Doo Ri in “Miss Granny” which is going to be dramatized. She will show off his unpredictable charm, going back and forth between the fresh 20s and the slick 70s. Oh Doo Ri portrays the process of trying to achieve her dream of becoming a singer, which she failed to achieve in the first episode of her life, and gives viewers of various ages a warm feeling as well as sympathy for generations. Rising rookie Jung Ji So is building solid filmography such as the drama “Curtain Call”, the Netflix original series “Hellbound”, and the movie “Parasite”. Recently, she took on the role of high school student Song Hye Kyo (Moon Dong Eun) in the Netflix original series “The Glory” and made a proper impression on viewers around the world. 

In addition, Jung Ji-so worked as a member of Gaya G of the project group WSG Wannabe in the MBC variety show “What do you do when you play?”. As much as she surprised viewers with her high-quality singing skills, she is expected to perfectly portray the character of Oh Doo Ri, who has unrivaled singing skills, in the drama “Miss Granny”.

“It’s an honor to be able to cast Jung Ji So, who matches 120% with the role, in the drama,” said Lee Kyung Seon, CEO of Studio Vplus, the production company.

The drama “Miss Granny” plans to start filming in the first half of the year. It will be directed by director Park Yong Soon, who directed the dramas “Secret Mother”, “Wanted” and “Divorce Lawyer in Love”, and writer Heo Seung Min, who was in charge of writing “Lifestyle Romance” and “The Blue Bird Exists”, is in charge of the script.


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