Jung Hae In Talks About The Difficult Conditions He Had To Film In For His Movie

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Jung Hae In, Kim Ji Hoon, and Lee Won Jong, the three main leads for “The Age Of Blood” were guests on November 25 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

Jung Hae In revealed that he has suffered from exhaustion three times while filming for “The Age Of Blood.” He said,

“We filmed back in August and July, there was no ventilation in the prison cells.”

Kim Ji Hoon added,

“The environment was very poor and once we started shooting we got sweaty. Jung Hae In had to film action scene for 8 hours under these conditions.”

Lee Won Jong added,

“I only later found out that he was this good-looking. He looked scruffy while filming because he was playing a police man in Joseon Dynasty.”

Meanwhile,  “The Age Of Blood” has premiered back on November 23, its Jung Hae In first leading role in a movie.

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