Jung Eun Chae Is Suzy’s Wealthy Former Boss In New Stills For Upcoming Drama “Anna”

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Coupang Play has unveiled new stills featuring Jung Eun Chae for their upcoming drama “Anna”!

“Anna” was originally pictured as a movie and has now become an eight-episode series about a woman who starts off by telling a small lie and winds up living as someone else. Suzy will play Yoo Mi, the woman who lies and ends up living someone else’s life. 

Jung Eun Chae will take on the role of Hyun Joo, Yoo Mi’s former boss and a representative of a gallery who is born into a wealthy family and enjoys her expensive lifestyle without consideration or malice. After Hyun Joo returns from her studying aboard, she meets Yoo Mi, the former employee at her father’s gallery, who has transformed into the completely different and mysterious Anna. 

Jung Eun Chae first caught the public’s attention when she appeared in the film “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon.” She later appeared in many hit dramas such as “The King: Eternal Monarch,” “The Guest,” “The Great Battle,” “The Table,” and “The King.” Her most recent role was in the hit drama which caught the world by storm “Pachinko.” Now viewers are looking forward to Jung Eun Chae’s character in “Anna” and how she will be portraying her.

“Anna” is set to premiere on June 24 via Coupang play.

Are you excited to watch this drama? https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=408&aid=0000158244

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