Jung Eun Chae Finally Breaks Her Silence Regarding Her Alleged Extramarital Affair With A Singer, Will It Be Enough To Save Her Image?

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Less than hours to the first episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch,” a report by a Korean news outlet on one of its leading actors has turned public perception upside down.

On April 17, WikiTree published a report that claims they found evidence that Jung Eun Chae and singer Jung Joon Il had an affair 10 years ago. However, per their report, they claim that a source close to Jung Eun Chae told them that it’s true they dated at the time but she was also a victim and had no idea that he was married while they dated. Read all the details here.

 At first, Jung Joon Il’s agency MYmusic Entertainment told media outlets that it was difficult to confirm since it’s his private life. However, they responded later stating that Jung Joon Il never hid the fact that he was married from Jung Eun Chae, shocking netizens who’s opinions of her drastically changed after this statement.

The news went viral and netizens’ perception of Jung Eun Chae changed, while some do believe the news release was intentional they still believe she should provide an explanation.

On April 18, Jung Eun Chae’s agency released a statement addressing the rumors, they wrote,

“Hello this is Keyeast entertainment.

Jung Eun Chae’s position was revealed earlier against her will.

We hope this doesn’t lead to another battle of truth between both sides.

This issue, which is a very personal matter, ended more than a decade ago. In particular, as both sides have not raised any problems on this issue, however, after the recent report, it is being treated as if it was a current event.

It’s a pity that an issue of personal privacy is being publicized at such times leading to more damage.

We ask you to please refrain from further speculative comments and groundless claims.”

However, the statement is very vague and doesn’t provide much of an explanation to the rumors, it doesn’t deny the singer’s agency statement about how he never hid the fact that he was married from Jung Eun Chae.

Many wonder if this press release will be enough to save her image and stop people from gossiping about her.

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  1. It takes two to tangle! Why is this going to ruin her? The double standard of this society is ridiculous. Get over it! She will and has gotten pass this. FIGHTING Jung Eun Chae! We love you!

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