Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency Claims There Was An ‘Administrative Error’ After Reports Questioned Her Rent Reduction To Tenants

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Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency has finally issued a response to the reports about her exaggerating her ‘kind landlord’ act and the agency is claiming something went wrong in the administrative process.

Previously, a report alleged that the actress didn’t give the tenants the cuts announced in a previous press release.

Reports previously announced she would be cutting down rent by 10% for the tenants who rented in her building in Gangnam-Gu. The rent was supposed to be deducted from March and April.

However, a viral report claimed that Jun Ji Hyun inflated the rent cut percentage for the tenants in her buildings and was not giving cuts as stated by media reports.

Despite her wealth and this being an easy cut, Jun Ji Hyun reportedly only slashed rent by 5% and not every single affected store got that as well. Some didn’t get any cuts.

To these accusations, her agency stated that she indeed reduced the rent for the buildings in question contrary to the reports but claims there was an ‘error in the intermediary administration’ which in turn didn’t give rent deduction to some tenants.

The agency stated they recognized the error and immediately gave the tenants who were not given a reduction one.

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