Jun Ji Hyun Receives Backlash After Getting Suspected Of Exaggerating Her ‘Kind Landlord’ Act

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Jun Ji Hyun is under fire after a recent report about her!

In early March, various Korean celebrities who are landlords began slashing rent for the businesses in their buildings, COVID-19 has had a huge effect had on the market and caused a lot of damages to small businesses who were forced out of business due to the situation.

Some celebrities cut the rent by half, others didn’t even demand rent for the months of March and April. While various celebrities such as Rain and Kim Tae Hee made headlines for being kind landlords, Jun Ji Hyun received backlash for not providing rent cuts to struggling businesses in the buildings she owns.

Reports later announced she would be cutting down rent by 10% for the tenants who rented in her building in Gangnam-Gu. The rent was supposed to be deducted from March and April.

However, a recent report alleges otherwise. Jun Ji Hyun was accused of inflating the rent cut percentage for the tenants in her buildings and not giving cuts as stated by media reports.

Jun Ji Hyun is known for being a genius in investing; she has amassed a report wealth of 87 billion won ($70.9 million) in real estate alone.

Despite her wealth and this being an easy cut, Jun Ji Hyun reportedly only slashed rent by 5% and not every single affected store got that as well. Some didn’t get any cuts.

Among one of her buildings, a store ‘A’ rent was cut by 10% while ‘B’ and ‘C’ rent remained the same. Store ‘A’ was in danger of failing. One anonymous informant stated that stores B and C also suffered financial difficulties and were forced to close for the month of March but haven’t been given any rent cut.

Currently, it’s reported that the building in question is being managed by her parents. When asked for a comment, a source from her agency stated that it was difficult to explain since it’s a personal matter.

Netizens are criticizing Jun Ji Hyun for trying to gain good publicity by announcing her plans to cut rent but ending up not following through with it.

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