Fans Rejoice After JTBC Shares Behind-The-Scenes Of Son Suk Ku And Kim Ji Won’s Kiss Scene, Here Is Why

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My Liberation Notes” is currently one of the top trending dramas along with its actors. The drama has been gaining many news fans for its relatable story and cast performances.

Note: spoilers of My Liberation Notes” episode 11 below!

Last week’s episodes of “My Liberation Notes” had fans going through ups and downs due to what aired. In episode 11, we finally get the chance to see our ‘worship couple’ kiss, however, Son Seok Gu and Kim Ji Won’s Kiss Scene wasn’t what fans expected or envisioned but many understood that it makes sense for the kind of couple they are. The setting was dark and the kiss scene wasn’t clear leading many to wonder whether it was an actual kiss or not.

Luckily for us, JTBC came to the rescue and shared the behind-the-scenes video footage of Son Seok Gu And Kim Ji Won’s Kiss Scene and it turns out, the on-screen couple actually shared a kiss.

In the newly released behind-the-scenes video from JTBC. Son Seok Gu can be seen discussing how to approach the scene with the director.

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You can check out the adorable video that gives a better angle of Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu’s kiss scene below!

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