“Joseon Lawyer” Releases Exclusive First Look Of Woo Do Hwan + Confirms Premiere Date 

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In “Joseon Lawyer”, actor Woo Do Hwan transforms into the ‘Joseon version of a sexy brain’ and shows off his perfect flower scholar look.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Joseon Lawyer”, directed by Kim Seung Ho and written by Choi Jin Young, is the story of a Joseon Dynasty lawyer who takes revenge on the enemy who killed his parents through trial. It is a pleasant and refreshing Joseon-era court revenge action drama that shows that true revenge is valuable when doing righteous things.

Woo Do Hwan takes on the role of Kang Han Soo, who is a ‘lawsuit maker’ who causes all sorts of lawsuits to avenge the enemies of his parents who died unjustly. When it comes to the law, he not only covers civil law, commercial law, and criminal law but has also mastered the Ming Dynasty’s laws.

In the released pictures, the appearance of Woo Do Hwan, who shows off his hanbok to the fullest, draws attention. Woo Do Hwan, who is confident and relaxed in the still, shows the appearance of the character of Kang Han Soo, an invincible lawyer. Expectations are growing as to how  Woo Do Hwan will portray Kang Han Soo.

Kang Han Soo’s gentle charisma stands out in his appearance holding a law book and staring somewhere with serious eyes, and expectations are high on what kind of activity he will perform as an outsider who controls Hanyang.

The production team of “Joseon Lawyer” said, “Kang Han Soo, played by Woo Do Hwan, struggles to avenge his father’s murder with ‘law’”. He said, “Please look forward to how the turbulent revenge play unfolded by Woo Do Hwan will be portrayed.”

“Joseon Lawyer” will be broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM KST in March following “Kokdu: Season of Deity”.


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