Joo Won, Soo Ae, Lee Da Hee, Kim Ok Bin And Kim Sung Oh Join New Agency Ghost Studio

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Actors Joo Won, Soo Ae, Lee Da Hee, Kim Ok Bin, and Kim Sung Oh will make a new start with the new agency Ghost Studio.

Choi Myung Kyu, CEO of Ghost Studio, said on November 1, “It is a new feeling to have a new start with actors whom we have trusted and relied on each other for a long time. We will become a strong partner so that actors with various charms, solid acting skills, and a wide range can actively engage in activities in a wider field. , We will make efforts to systematically manage actors and find new actors, as well as to produce content such as dramas, movies, and OTT.”

CEO Choi Myung Kyu, who founded the studio Santa Claus, established Ghost Studio, a comprehensive entertainment company, with executives and employees who have been working together for a long time. The agency has actors with whom they have had a good relationship for a long time based on strong trust.

Ghost Studio is producing a total of 13 works, including webtoons and OTT series. It is expected to expand its business area in all directions, including not only management but also dramas, movies, OTT production, webtoons, and new media content.

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