Joo Won, Lee Ju Woo, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jae Won And More Confirmed For Upcoming Crime Action Drama

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The casting lineup of tvN’s upcoming drama “Stealer” has been unveiled!

On October 7, “Stealer” unveiled the final casting lineup of actors Joo Won, Lee Ju Woo, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jae Won, and Choi Hwa Jung. The five actors will join forces to recover the missing cultural assets as members of Team ‘Karma.’

tvN’s new drama “Stealer” is a crime comic action drama in which a veiled cultural property thief skunk and an unofficial cultural property recovery team ‘Karma’ unite to compete against those who won’t be judged by the law.

First, Joo Won will take the role of Hwang Dae Myung, a civil servant belonging to the Cultural Heritage Administration, in the drama. Hwang Dae Myung, who is negligent in his work, seems to have no aspirations, but his daily life is greatly shaken as he begins to be suspected of secretly interacting with a thief who specializes in stealing cultural properties. Joo Won will portray the turbulent story about why Hwang Dae Myung, who was quietly walking on the path as a “chair warmer,” (one who gets wages without much effort) will join the team Karma that tries to catch the skunk after being tied to the skunk.

Lee Ju Woo plays the role of Choi Min Woo, an elite police officer. Choi Min Woo is a character who is assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cultural assets team, which has only problematic police officers.

Jo Han Chul plays Jang Tae In, the founder of the team Karma and a colorful past owner who has a great past of being a skilled leader of the violence department drug squad. As Jang Tae In learns about the value of cultural property through a series of events, he chases after the skunk, a cultural property thief, when he starts a secret project to recover the cultural property.

Kim Jae Won takes on the role of Shin Chang Hoon, a former violence department detective, and shows various charms. Shin Chang Hoon often gets angry while talking and many times when he is angry, he might hit you with his fiery fists, but his sense of duty for team Karma is incomparable to anyone.

In addition, Choi Hwa Jung plays the role of Lee Chun Ja, one of team Karma’s members, and will show off unparalleled hacking skills. She has a history of being recognized and called by the state government for one hacking program she developed as a hobby in school.

On the other hand, Karma’s target, Skunk, is an unprecedented cultural asset thief who only steals cultural assets illegally purchased by high-ranking social figures.

“Stealer,” a combination of unique characters and special actors, will draw a unique causal story surrounding Korean cultural property crimes with director Choi Joon Bae and writer Shin Kyung Il, who showed delicate directing skills in the genre by directing “Mouse” and “Come and Hug Me.”

“Stealer” will premiere in the first half of 2023.

Are you excited to see all of them together in this drama?

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Thats such a nice lineup, and what an interesting plot summary. Seems like it will be fun. Joo Won in a comedy action drama? Sign me up, please.

I am excited about this one as it has an interesting plot. Hope it delivers. 2023 is already looking interesting.

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