Jo Jung Suk Addresses Breakup Rumors With Long Time Girlfriend Gummy

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Actor Jo Jung Suk sat down for an interview on January 22, he discussed his relationship with his girlfriend of 5 years singer Gummy.

The two of them went public with their relationship back in 2015 but are currently in their 5th year together. Despite their public relationship, the couple kept a low profile which probably explains some of the rumors claiming the two broke up.

However, during his acceptance speech for ‘Male High Excellence Award’ in 2017 MBC Drama Awards, the actor mentioned his girlfriend, indirectly letting everyone know they’re still dating, about his decision to mention her in his speech he said,

“I mentioned her because I am happy that she’s a huge fan of my dramas. While I was filming ‘Two Cops’ I didn’t have enough time to see her or even talk to her. I would go home, sleep, wake up and go to filming like a zombie. She was also busy with her concerts. We exchanged words like, ‘I am enjoying your work.’”

The actor also opened up about the negative parts of being in a public relationship for a long time, he said,

“If we’re talking about uncomfortable, its when I get asked such questions, and I just want to say whats on my mind but the articles focus on this topic. Its unfortunate. This is what I believe is difficult about public relationships. its burdensome when my words are interpreted differently contrary to my intentions.”

We’re glad they’re still going strong!

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