Jo Byeong Gyu’s Upcoming Drama Filming Causes Inconvenience To Residents, Production Team Issues Apology

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Jo Byeong Gyu’s Upcoming Drama “History of Losers” is under fire for causing inconvenience to residents during filming.

On May 9, a netizen [A] wrote to an online community claiming that the production team behind the drama had parked illegally causing inconvenience to residents. The post included a large vehicle blocking the resident’s front door and the street that was reserved to fire trucks.

A says they had requested the car to be removed multiple times but it blocked the front door until late at night, A also talked about the noise levels during filming.

On May 11, the production team of the drama issued an apology statement. They stated that while carrying out filming, they caused inconvenience that impacted some residents’ living spaces and movement. The production team met with the people involved in the issue directly and apologized while explaining the situation. They apologized for not paying close attention during the filming process, they ended their statement by promising to be more careful on filming sets to not cause any inconvenience to residents in the future.

“History of Losers” is an upcoming drama based on a webtoon of the same name, it tells the story of how love and relationships can turn anyone into a loser.

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