Jun Ji Hyun’s Newest Drama “Jirisan” Receives Criticism For Questionable CGI Despite Its 32 Billion Won Budget

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Jun Ji Hyun’s Newest Drama “Jirisan” has premiered to mixed responses from netizens but its not for the reason you think.

After months of anticipation and teasing, the newest tvN drama “Jirisan” has finally premiered and while many fans from all around the world were excited to see it, some have noticed that the CGI didn’t look too good.

“Jirisan” focuses on the story of mountain rangers who save people’s lives. The first episode featured many scenes where Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon face harsh weather conditions to save a kid.

However, during the first episode of the drama, fans noticed that there were many scenes that had obviously flawed CGI. Special effects in some scenes fell short of fans’ expectations considering the drama’s star-studded cast and a massive budget.

“Jirisan” has cost 32 billion won [roughly $27 million] to make. Fans wonder why the drama’s CGI wasn’t up to standards.

Have you seen the first episode of “Jirisan”? What did you think of the special effects?

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I have completed the first episode a couple of hours ago and especially early on, the CGI was bad. It was so funny because the rocks appeared so fake.

I recalled how much the drama cost, and considering the cost, I don’t understand why the first scenes were this bad. Some scenes had better special effects than others, but honestly, I expected more of the production team.

The issue is, it lightens the situation and takes viewers out of the experience. I was immersed but when some rocks started flying around, I was dying laughing.

I know not everyone cares much for the special effects but if this drama has a lot of the same level, then there will be issues.

I also realize that there are restrictions and obstacles with filming such type of plots because you’re talking about mountains but still, the special effects should have been better. If you’re going to make a drama about such a premise, you should take into consideration the limits and budget which I am sure they had thought of.

I don’t expect it to be the best, but I do expect it not to look obviously fake that you can spot when they are acting behind a green screen opposite when they’re acting in the wild.

Regardless, the plot appears interesting and the first episode was fun.

By Hilda Moore

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