Jin Ki Joo Joins Song Kang Ho, Byun Yo Han And More In Upcoming Drama “Uncle Samsik”

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Actress Jin Ki Joo will join Song Kang Ho and Byun Yo Han as the main lead in the upcoming drama “Uncle Samsik.”

On February 9, Jin Ki Joo’s agency FL ENT said, “Jin Ki Joo has confirmed her appearance in the role of Joo Yeo Jin in ‘Uncle Samsik’.”

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama dealing with the hot desires and bromance of the two men, Uncle Sam Sik and Kim San, who survived the turbulent period in the early 1960s. Two fictional characters, Uncle Sam Sik and Elite Kim San, who said, “We ate three meals a day even during the war,” showcases stories of love, faith, and doubt. It is the debut drama series to be registered in the filmography of actor Song Kang Ho and is drawing keen attention.

Jin Ki Joo will play the main role of Joo Yeo Jin and work with Song Kang Ho, Byun Yo Han, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Seo Hyun Woo.

Meanwhile, “Uncle Samsik” will start filming soon.

Are you excited to see her in this drama?

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