Ji Sung’s Wife Lee Bo Young And Their Children Send Sweet Gift To The Set Of His Upcoming Drama

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Ji Sung’s wife Lee Bo Young and their children have sent a sweet gift to the set of his upcoming drama “Adamas”!

On May 7, Ji Sung took to his Instagram to reveal that his family has sent him a coffee truck and a snack truck to the set of his new drama “Adamas.”

The trucks have supportive messages on them cheering on Ji Sung and the staff who are working on the drama.

Ji Sung has also posted a picture of the adorable gift his daughter drew for him. She drew herself and her brother with a note under the drawing that said “From. Kwak family.” (Ji Sung’s real name is Kwak Tae Geun).

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are considered one of the biggest Korean celebrity couples, they tied the knot back in 2013 after dating for 6 years. They are parents to two kids.

“Adamas” is a drama that tells the story of twin brothers uncovering the truth of an incident that took place 22 years ago. They will fight against great evil to clear their biological father of the charges against him, he’s been accused of killing their stepfather. The twin brothers are shocked to hear their father murdered their stepfather at first, but when they find out he’s about to face the death penalty and that he was falsely accused, they set on a mission to uncover the truth that is hidden away by huge power.

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