Ji Sung Transforms Into Two Completely Different Brothers Who Are Determined To Unveil The Truth In New Teasers For “Adamas”

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tvN has released two exciting character teasers featuring Ji Sung for his upcoming drama “Adamas”!

“Adamas” is a drama that tells the story of twin brothers uncovering the truth of an incident that took place 22 years ago. They will fight against great evil to clear their biological father of the charges against him, he’s been accused of killing their stepfather. The twin brothers are shocked to hear their father murdered their stepfather at first, but when they find out he’s about to face the death penalty and that he was falsely accused, they set on a mission to uncover the truth that is hidden away by huge power.

The newly released teasers feature Ji Sung who plays the twin brothers Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun, and although they are twins, each one has a very unique aura and personality that makes the viewers easily distinguish between them. The teasers show how the brothers are fighting to reveal the truth but in different ways.

The first teaser introduces us to the fierce and charismatic Song Soo Hyun, the older brother who is a prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor’s office. Flashes of a crime scene and the reporter Kim Soo Hee (Lee Soo Kyung) saying “I know he is innocent” raises questions about who is the person she is referring to.

The teaser also suggests the struggles and confrontations that Song Soo Hyun will face as he tries to reveal the truth. Team Leader Lee (Oh Dae Hwan), who is the head of Haesong’s Group’s secret organization Team A, can be heard warning him, he tells him, “If you don’t know it, memorize it. The control is done by Haesong.” But this doesn’t shake Song Soo Hyun, the last scene shows him angrily confronting someone as he promises them, “Look forward to it. I will reveal everything that you are hiding. One by one.” Raising curiosity about Song Soo Hyun and how he will be able to fight against the strong wall of power.

On the other hand, Song Soo Hyun’s younger twin brother Ha Woo Shin calmly enters the Haesong Group’s CEO’s mansion Haesungwon as he searches for the truth. His approach and ways of pursuing the truth are completely different from his fierce twin brother.

However, the family’s high level of alertness shows that they have many secrets to hide. Eun Hye Soo (Seo Ji Hye) who is the daughter-in-law of Haesong’s Group’s chairman reaffirms this and tells Ha Woo Shin, “There is nothing illegal in this family. Anything is possible,” raising curiosity about what are these secrets and whether she knows that Ha Woo Shin came with a hidden motive.

We then see Ha Woo Shin cautiously trying to find something as there are many eyes looking after every move of his in the mansion. This creates an uneasy and tense atmosphere that even the chief security officer at Haesungwon Choi Tae Sung (Heo Sung Tae) wonders, “What are you doing here,” to which Ha Woo Shin’s voiceover answers, “I am going to steal adamas,” raising questions about what exactly is the younger brother looking for and will he be able to achieve his goal.

“Adamas” is set to premiere on July 27.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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