Ji Sung Plays Twin Brothers Who Have Different Goals And Ways Of Solving Things For Upcoming Drama “Adamas”

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tvN has released new stills featuring Ji Sung for his upcoming drama “Adamas”!

“Adamas” is a drama that tells the story of twin brothers uncovering the truth of an incident that took place 22 years ago. They will fight against great evil to clear their biological father of the charges against him, he’s been accused of killing their stepfather. The twin brothers are shocked to hear their father murdered their stepfather at first, but when they find out he’s about to face the death penalty and that he was falsely accused, they set on a mission to uncover the truth that is hidden away by huge power.

Ji Sung will play twin brothers Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun. Although they are twins, each one has a very different aura and personality that makes the viewers easily distinguish between them. They both also share the same goal but have different methods of achieving it.

The younger brother Ha Woo Shin is a best-selling mystery novel writer and a rational person who can clearly distinguish between his work and personal affairs. He has a calm tone, a cool sense of humor, and a thoughtful personality. His greatest strength and weapon is his extraordinary insight that makes him appear like he knows everything. He later enters Haesongwon to steal ‘adamas,” which is the weapon that was the cause of his father’s death. This raises curiosity about whether Ha Woo Shin will be able to use his psychological skills to get what he wants from Haesongwon.

Meanwhile, the older brother is Song Soo Hyun, who is a prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor’s office. His personality is the complete opposite of his twin brother, while Ha Woo Shin is more rational and quiet, Song Soo Hyun is a very honest person who is true to his feelings. Song Soo Hyun became a prosecutor because of his mother. However, now he is looking for the culprit who killed his stepfather 22 years ago.

The newly released stills show the stark difference between the twin brothers. Ha Woo Shin can be seen wearing a comfortable shirt and a keen gaze that seems to see through the other person’s heart. While the honest prosecutor Song Soo Hyun is wearing an elegant suit and seems to be immersed in his work. In addition, the twin brothers’ approach to achieving their goals are different. Ha Woo Shin collects data based on what he has seen and felt while Song Soo Hyun finds the solution by looking through date and evidence.

“Adamas” is set to premiere on July 27.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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