Ji Chang Wook Reveals The Quality He Looks For In A Girlfriend, Greets Fans Through “Guerrilla Date”

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Ji Chang Wook greeted his fans one last time on a “Guerilla Date” segment of the popular entertainment program KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”.

The actor was a guest of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” episode on the 21st of July, he greeted fans through the segment of “Guerrilla Date” before he headed in a café for another interview.

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He was greeting fans in Hongdae, fans swarmed the place and it was so difficult to move around because of all the fangirls trying to take a picture of the idol or catch a glimpse of him.

He talked about how he wanted to greet his fans one last time before he leaves for the army, he said,

“At the moment, I am preparing well so I can go and return to my fans in good health.”

While greeting the fans the MC asked him the famous question, “What is your ideal type?”.

The hallyu actor revealed,

“I like girls who are fun to be around, I like a girl I can communicate with well.”

This isn’t the first time the actor gave this answer; he has also stated that he likes fun girls in previous interviews whenever he was asked about his ideal type.

Hallyu actor has held a final fanmeet on the 22nd of July to greet his fans and sing and talk to them, he will be resting before heading out to the army on the 14th of August.

Will you miss the actor?

Source: KBS’s Entertainment Weekly