Ji Chang Wook Reveals That He doesn’t Work Out For His Role In Suspicious Partner

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Seems like Ji Chang Wook is relaxing much more because of “Suspicious Partner” filming these days.

The actor who has been receiving lots of love for his performance in the drama “Suspicious Partner” held his first Vlive broadcast on the 29th of June.

During a Vlive special the actor sat down to answer some of the fans questions and to take requests as well.

He was requested to call out his fans names and say hi to them which he did at the beginning of the vlive.

During the broadcast he was asked if he still works out during the shooting of his drama “Suspicious Partner”.

To which he gave a surprising answer saying:

“Since I play a lawyer in the drama there is no reason for my body to look that great.

In my previous works, it was important to have a good looking body and I had to work out a lot for that.

Honestly, I really haven’t worked out that hard for a while now.”

This the actor’s first rom-com as the lead and he had wanted to do something different ever since wrapping up “The K2” last year.

He said back then that he wanted to try something different rather than an action drama and thus ended up playing No Ji Wook in “Suspicious Partner”.

The actor is well-known for having a chiselled amazing body for his action dramas, but is taking a well-deserved break from working out at the gym for “Suspicious Partner”.

You can check out the small vlive session of Ji Chang Wook here.

Have you been keeping up with “Suspicious Partner”?

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  1. Well, I still like him whatever he does. Whether its action, romance, comedy, singing or dancing. Hope that when he come back in 2019 a more project will come too. hehe
    I also hope that chang wook will come here in philippines

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