Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won And Park Seo Joon Top July Drama Actor Brand Reputation Ranking

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Ji Chang Wook came out at the top spot for July drama actors Brand Reputation Ranking.

According to the data collected and analysed by the Korean Business Research Institute that looks at brand participation, media coverage and communication to calculate brand reputation.

Ji Chang Wook was the winner of the first place, followed by Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won.

More than 100 million bits of data from June 15 to July 16 were collected about 50 actors who are currently starring in dramas to rank the stars.

Ji Chang Wook who was a part of “Suspicious Partner” came in at first place with a participation index of 1,337,084 points, media coverage index of 849,072 points, communication index of 1,217,216 points, and a community index of 4,243,699 points for a total of 7,647,071 points.

Park Seo Joon was in second place with a participation index of 982,159 points, media coverage index of 837,900 points, communication index of 846,716 points, and a community index of 2,981,438 points for a total of 5,648,213 points.

The third place spot went to Kim Ji Won with a participation index of 1,046,013 points, media coverage index of 634,452 points, communication index of 915,876 points, and a community index of 2,919,755 points for a total of 5,516,096 points.

Here are the top 12 actors:

1.Ji Chang Wook
2. Park Seo Joon
3. Kim Ji Won
4. Yeo Jin Goo
5. Kim So Hyun
6. Joo Won
7. Kim Hee Sun
8. Nam Ji Hyun
9. Oh Yeon Seo
10. Yoo Seung Ho
11. Kim Jung Eun
12. Song Ha Yoon
13. Kim Young Chul
14. Ahn Jae Hong
15. Kim Kang Woo
17. Lee Ji Hoon
18. Gong Seung Yeon
19. Lee Tae Im
20. Kim Sun Ah
21. Lee Yoo Ri
22. Lee Joon
23. Jang Hee Jin
24. Cho Seung Woo
25. Yang Se Jong

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