Here Is How Ji Chang Wook Handled Height Difference During Kiss Scenes With Nam Ji Hyun

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Kiss scenes aren’t always as romantic as they appear to be during filming, Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook kiss scenes looked incredible, but behind the scenes, it was much more troublesome to shoot them.

The actress sat down for an interview on “Night Of Real Entertainment” to talk about her recently finished drama “Suspicious Partner” alongside Ji Chang Wook.

The actress talked about how happy she was because of the love she received for portraying Bong Hee in the drama.

She commented saying,

“I never had the opportunity to film melodramatic scenes; through this drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ I was able to do it.”

She also talked about how difficult it was to film kiss scenes with Ji Chang Wook, she is 162 cm and he is 180 cm, so they had difficulty filming kiss scenes.

She is almost 20 cm shorter (8 inches), she revealed he had to crouch down while she also used a board to try and match his height.

She commented,

“My neck almost got completely tilted back!”

Nevertheless, she had such great chemistry with Ji Chang Wook, and their kiss scenes were always great and on spot.

The drama finished its last episode last week on the 13th of July, and it was the last Ji Chang Wook drama before his impending comeback this August.

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