Why Ji Chang Wook Fans Are Convinced His “Melting Me Softly” Kiss Scene Is His Best To Date

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This “Melting Me Softly” Kiss Scene is going viral for all the right reasons!

Ji Chang Wook is considered one of the best kissers in Kdrama land, his kiss scenes are always a treat to watch. For the longest time, Ji Chang Wook fans were divided on which Ji Chang Wook drama had the best kiss scene and many think they’ve finally agreed on an answer.

Ji Chang Wook is currently leading tvN drama “Melting Me Softly,” it’s his comeback to the entertainment industry following his discharge from the military.

Fans have been enjoying seeing him on screen again. Recently, the leads of “Melting Me Softly” finally had their first kiss scene and fans couldn’t stop talking about it.

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Note: Major Spoilers ahead

The “Melting Me Softly” kiss scene finally happened in episode 10. What made it so special were the circumstances surrounding it. Dong Chan and Mi Ran couldn’t openly express their love for each other because of their condition. Following the freezing experiment, their bodies had to be kept at a certain temperature and if their body temperature rises above that then they risk death.

This means that Dong Chan and Mi Ran had to sacrifice many things we, average human beings normally enjoy, such as physically expressing their love for each other because it meant risking their lives.

Despite that, Dong Chang risked it all and arrived where Mi Ran was, he finally gave her a kiss but he couldn’t continue to kiss her because his heart started beating fast and his temperature rose, so they opened the shower and carried on with their kiss scene.

Fans found the kiss scene to be one of the most romantic kiss scenes Ji Chang Wook has ever done.

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tvN uploaded the kiss scene and it has already racked up over 1 million views proving its popularity among fans.

You can check it out below, do you think this is Ji Chang Wook best kiss scene?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I’ve gotten to episode 4 but am DEFINITELY looking forward to watching this kiss. The K2 is the only drama I’ve seen Ji Chang Wook in. His kiss with Yoona was mild compared to this. THIS kiss is on FIRE!

  2. I am currently watching this drama and Ji Chang Wook is really the best. All of his dramas. The way he acts meber change. Hes so good. Cant wait for the eposode 11! And the upcoming episodes. I love you Ji Chang Wook! Welcome back

    1. That’s right. The kisses in Suspicious partner are out of this world. There are so sensual. And I got goosebumps and I blush everytime I watch them. It feels like I am interrupting a private moment.
      On the other hand Melting me softly is boring drama. And the kiss are mehhh…. just acting. I can’t believe that I am saying this, because I am really big fan of Ji Chang Wook . I looked forward for his first project after his military service. It takes me days to watch 1 episode. I don’t look forward for the next one

      1. I agree. I was waiting so much for his drama to come out, but this drama is a let down. I still kept watching it. But last episode I stopped midway. I don’t feel the urge to finish watching the drama anymore 🙁

  3. I’m hooked on JCW! Watched him on K2 , 1st time I’ve watched K dramas. There’s something about JCW. Love his eyes and his smile too, very charming and very handsome! Loved the kissing scene! Watched it a lot of times! A great actor!!!!


  5. This one is my favorite.

    But I wish his kiss scenes didn’t get too much hype. I don’t want him to be known as an actor who gets by on his looks or kissing scenes. He should do a drama without romance or just a tiny peck on lips kiss scene.

  6. Hands down Ji Chang Wook best kiss scene is Melting Me Softly with Won Jin Ah. People bashed this drama for no reason. Such a heart warming drama. I totally love it.

  7. The best scene in the histroy of K-DRAMA. People will be remeber this scene for a long time. So well executed by the lead Ji Chang Wook & Won Jin Ah. I so love their chemistry.

  8. Agree 100% that Melting Me Softly was the best romantic kiss delivered by Ji Chang Wook & Won Jin Ah and in kdrama history to date. I love love love both of their onscreen chemistry. To those who have yet to watch this so unfairly under rated JCW’s comeback performance kdrama, you can watch it on IQIYI, VIU, RAKUTEN VIKI & BiliBili

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