Jeon Do Yeon And Jung Kyung Ho’s Upcoming Drama Releases Teaser Poster

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On December 8th, tvN’s new Saturday- Sunday drama “One Big Scandal” written by Yang Hee Seung and directed by Yoo Je Won released a teaser poster featuring actors Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho.

“One Big Scandal” is a drama depicting the bittersweet romance between a president of a national side dish store and a private math instructor. Director Yoo Je Won and writer Yang Hee Seung have reunited after a long time after “High School King” and “Oh My Ghostess”. A romance based on warm emotions always gets good support from the viewers, so the attention is focused on the combination of director Yoo Je Won and writer Yang Hee Seung.

Jeon Do Yeon plays Nam Haeng Seon, a former national handball player and current president of the national side dish store, and Jung Kyung Ho, who plays Choi Chi Yeol, Korea’s best math instructor. The couple will captivate viewers with a heart-warming romance.

The poster raises expectations of romance between Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho. The visuals of the two people in the poster not only raise expectations for unusual romantic chemistry but also convey a bright and warm atmosphere. 

Jeon Do Yeon walks briskly with a large shopping bag full of vegetables slung over one shoulder. Behind it, the outer wall of the street is covered with advertising posters of Jung Kyung Ho, who has transformed into a math instructor, with the promotional phrase ‘hit rate 100%’. Jung Kyung Ho, the most popular star lecturer, is captured as if it was a coincidence in the daily life of Jeon Do Yeon, the owner of a side dish shop. It increases curiosity about how the beginning of their relationship will be drawn.

Jeon Do Yeon’s unique lovely charm and Jung Kyung Ho’s confident force raise the anticipation for romance between the two. Nam Haeng Seon’s charms will be seen in a more lovable way with Jeon Do Yeon’s presence. Choi Chi Yeol, who is called the ‘1 trillion won man’ is portrayed with Jung Kyung Ho’s feisty charm.

“One Big Scandal” is scheduled to air in January 2023.


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