Jang Nara Shares Her honest Opinion About Chang Ki Yong

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Actress Jang Nara has only recently wrapped up filming for her successful weekend drama “Go Back Couple,” she sat down for an interview to discuss her thoughts on the drama and its cast.

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She played the role of Ma Jin Joo, a 38 year old mother who is under great pressure raising her child alone. About the drama she said,

“Through ‘Go Back Couple’ I earned lots of new friends like Son Ho Joon, Chang Ki Yong, Han Bo Reum, Jo Hye Jeong, Heo Jung Min, Lee Yi Kyung, Go Bo Gyeol and more.”

She shared her honest thoughts on her on-screen husband Son Ho Joon, she said,

“He is a sturdy actor. He also really felt like the leader of a family and worker really hard for his family”

About the youngest actor on set, Chang Ki Young she said,

“He’s really skilled and has got potential. He’s clumsy and is like a little kid but when on TV he appears to be mature. He worked hard to get into his character.”

She also revealed that actor Lee Yi Kyung through too many ad-lib that he had to be told to stand down by the director. She also revealed that everyone worked so hard that she couldn’t slack back.

Jang Nara has been acting for 16 years, the actress expresses that she thinks acting is fun, she also added that it helps her get away from her life and is the best that happened to her.

Meanwhile, “Go Back Couple” has ended its run last week. The main leads have shared their thoughts on the drama ending previously.

Did you enjoy “Go Back Couple”?

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