Jang Nara Reportedly Accepts Offer To Lead First Drama Following Marriage  

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Actress Jang Nara could be transforming into a furniture brand representative through the new drama “Happy End”.

Star News reported on January 18th, Jang Nara confirmed her appearance as the lead actress in the new drama “Happy End”.

“Happy End” depicts the story of a woman who had an unfortunate childhood and runs away from her desires and obsessions after running through her life intoxicated by her success. Producer Jo Soo Won, who worked on dramas such as “Today’s Webtoon” and “Doctor John”, will be in charge of directing, and the filming will begin after the additional casting of the main actors. 

If she accepts, Jang Nara will play the role of Seo Jae Won. Seo Jae Won is a representative of a household furniture brand, a meticulous and cool-headed person who runs and runs to satisfy her endless desire.

Through “Happy End”, Jang Nara plans to make a strong acting transformation into a character who is obsessed with her desires that she has not shown before. While she is ahead of her comeback to the small screen with her new drama “Family”, she is expected to captivate viewers in 2023 with another acting transformation.

Jang Nara married a cinematographer 6 years her junior in June of last year. After her marriage, she is expected to be actively involved in her work.


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