Jang Nara’s Agency Pleads With Netizens Not To Leak Information About Her Future Husband + Promises Strict Legal Action

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Following the sudden news of Jang Nara’s marriage, some netizens have begun to attempt to find out more about the identity of the man she’s getting married to.

On June 3, Jang Nara announced she plans on getting married to a non-celebrity 6 years her junior. In her message to fans, she says she can’t go into details about his identity since she fears it might cause him discomfort at work.

However, some netizens began to dig into his information, and soon, some began to share rumors about how they met on the set of one of her recent dramas.

Due to this, Jang Nara’s agency Rawon Culture released a statement pleading with netizens to refrain from groundless speculation and the spreading of personal information about her groom-to-be. They said Jang Nara is preparing for one of her life’s most important events and per her request, they ask for netizens not to speculate or write malicious comments.

They also stated that posts attacking her fiance’s family or spreading excessive information about his identity will be dealt with accordingly.

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