Actor Jang Ki Yong Discharge Date Confirmed By YG Entertainment

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Actor Jang Ki Yong will be discharged from military service in February.

Jang Ki Yong, who enlisted in the army in August 2021 for military service, will be discharged on February 22 as scheduled. 

These days, when the mandatory wearing of indoor masks due to COVID-19 is lifted and returning to daily life, it is unsure if the stars’ discharge event could be held by the fans who gathered at the scene, like in the past.

In this regard, an official from YG Entertainment told JTBC Enternews, “There is no official event related to Jang Ki Yong’s discharge currently being planned. So far, we have judged the situation to be careful.”

Jang Ki Yong enlisted immediately after filming the SBS drama “Now, We’re Breaking Up”. He made a surprise appearance at a pre-recorded production presentation to promote the drama.


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  1. nice to hear it that He will be out soon…February 2023 not 2022 as the writer printed not able to see and corrected.. We WELCOME Him …hoping for a GUKHA Tandem Again

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