Jang Ki Yong Reveals He Got Visited By “Now, We Are Breaking Up” Co-Stars Song Hye Kyo During His Military Duty

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Actor Jang Ki Yong has revealed that he got visited by “Now, We Are Breaking Up” co-stars Song Hye Kyo and more during his military duty and has been reported to star in a new drama.

On the morning of February 22, the 15th Infantry Division of the Army reported that Jang Ki Yong has been discharged and the actor announced active activities as an actor soon. It has been a year and a half since he joined the Army in August 2021.

Jang Ki Yong said at the discharge site, “Thank you for waiting for a long time. I will work hard to soon greet you with good work.”

Jang Ki Yong started acting in the 2014 drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, and performed impressive performances in the dramas “Confession Couple” and “My Mister”. Since then, he has starred in works such as “Come and Hug Me”, “WWW” and “Now We’re Breaking Up”.

Jang Ki Yong renewed his contract with his current agency, YG Entertainment, early before enlisting and continues to maintain a relationship. YG Entertainment promises full support for Jang Ki Yong as a partner and plans to accelerate support for his return to acting.

In particular, Jang Ki Yong appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” in March last year and revealed that actors Song Hye Kyo, Choi Hee Seo, and Kim Joo Heon, who worked together in “Now, We Are Breaking Up,” came to visit. He said, “Senior Hye Kyo, and the whole team of ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ came to see me. It gave me a lot of strength.”

Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong, who returns to society, is known to have been offered works such as a new drama “Not A Hero.”

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