Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, And Lee Sun Jae Make A Mysterious And Crazy Family In The Teaser Video Of “Family”

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The first teaser video of tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Family”, featuring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, and Lee Sun Jae, has been released.

“Family” is a thrilling family comedy about a NIS black agent husband disguised as an ordinary office worker and a sweet wife who dreams of a perfect family. It will be directed by Jang Jung Do has directed a number of box office hits such as the drama “Live On,” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” “The Crowned Clown,” “Our Blues” and “Alchemy of Souls

The first teaser video begins with a tense and secret background sound and a meaningful exchange of eyes between Jang Hyuk as Kwon Do Hoon and Jang Nara as Kang Yu Ra. Then, following the two people nodding their heads while making eye contact, a gentleman wearing a bowler hat, Kwon Do Hoon’s father, Kwon Woong Soo (Lee Sun Jae) appears.

Along with this, a group photo of family members such as Kwon Ji Hoon (Kim Kang Min), Lee Mi Rim (Yoon Sang Jung), and Kwon Min Seo (Shin Soo Ah) is included. The look of family members with bright smiles looks as if taking a family photo with a dress code in beige tones.

However, the phrase ‘no one can stop them’ gives a foreboding of their unusual move.

And at that moment, the room is darkened and a reverse image of the family, which is 180 degrees different from before, is revealed. They transform into a spy family in an all-black suit and sunglasses. Most of all, the expression of the smile and the pose of the Defense Force cause laughter.

“Family” will premiere on April 17th.


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