IU Talks About Her Upcoming Drama And Her Thoughts On Entering 30s In A Recent Interview For A Magazine

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IU has decorated the cover of the March issue of the fashion magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.

This pictorial with the theme of duality captures two faces: IU (idol) and Lee Ji Eun (human). From the bare face to the dark smoky makeup that she tried for the first time, IU’s various aspects coexist.

In an interview following the filming, IU revealed the reason why she chose “I Was Fooled”, her first drama comeback in four years. “I enjoyed reading writer Lim Sang Choon’s previous works, and it was fresh because this work has a new story unique to it. As a person who likes to read and write, it was fresh. I felt envious of this. The subject is good, but I especially liked the fact that it conveys a heavy story without being heavy. Ae Soon seems like someone you can easily see around you, but if you look closely, is it a person whose individuality as a human being stands out? I think I’m drawn to people of that kind of determination.”

She also shared a sincere story about being in his 30s. “It’s no exaggeration to say that I lived in my 20s with worries about direction. I enjoyed those intense worries, but honestly, I was also tired. Throughout last year, I thought, ‘I want to maintain this mindset’ and ‘It’s fun to live like this.’ When I go in and look back, I can’t help but be entangled in my 30s.”

IU’s pictorial and full interview can be found in the March issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, website, and on Instagram.



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