IU Indirectly Mentions Boyfriend Lee Jong Suk Saying “Love Wins” + Shares Excitement To Working With “Fight My Way” Screenwriter

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IU has shared that she believes in love and shares her excitement on working with screenwriter Lee Sang Choon for upcoming work in a new interview with Harper Bazaar Korea.

On February 22, Harper’s Bazaar Korea released a pictorial and interview with IU, generously showing IU’s visuals and conveying her thoughts that have become more and more characteristic and mature.

When asked, “Is love still the hope that you believe in this hard world?” IU expressed her belief in love, by sharing,

“It’s embarrassing to say it out loud, but nevertheless, I believe that love beats hate. In the end, love wins.
Even when I lose my balance and waver, I repeat to myself that ‘But love will win in the end,’ and establish logic, build muscles with these thoughts, and control my mind.
I have fully experienced the proposition that ‘love wins’ throughout my life. I will continue to believe that in the future.”

IU is expected to return to the small screen with her next work, “I Was Fooled” by screenwriter Lim Sang Choon. IU expressed her excitement on working with screenwriter Lim Sang Choon, saying,

“I enjoyed the previous works of writer Lim Sang Choon and it was refreshing to have a new story specific to the work. I was surprised that the script could make people feel this way even though it was just in a print.

As a person who likes to read and write, I was envious of the writer’s talent. The theme content is good, but what is especially good is that it conveys a heavy story without making it seem too heavy.”

Meanwhile, IU and Lee Jong Suk admitted their romantic relationship on December 31 last year and became an official couple representing the entertainment industry. Rumors of a romantic relationship arose when Lee Jong Suk, who won the grand prize at MBC Drama Awards the previous day, mentioned “someone” full of love, and the two confirmed their romantic relationship skilfully and coolly. On January 1, he shared his heartfelt feelings through the fan cafe. The two first met each other in August 2012 when they were selected as the MC of SBS’s “Inkigayo.” The narrative of 10 years is also a point that made the public hearts flutter.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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