IU Confesses She’s Been Suffering From An Ear Disease At Her Recent Concert

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IU has confessed to suffering from an ear disease in her recent concert at Jamsil Sports Complex.

With IU being the first korean female singer to hold a concert at the main Olympic stadium for two days, questions are rising about IU’s “Patulous Eustachian tube” after confessing that she has been suffering from hearing problems since a year ago.

Earlier, IU held the 2022 IU Concert “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” at the Olympic Main Stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul on September 17 and 18.

In particular, IU confessed that she has been suffering from hearing problems since a year ago, saying, “To be honest, today’s performance was a little difficult. I nervously prepared for the performance because I had some problem with my ears.”

IU’s hearing problem is “Patulous Eustachian tube.” This is a disease in which the ear canal, which should usually be closed, is always open, and the ringing of voices or breathing sounds can be heard in the ears and the symptoms of deafness worsen or continue for a long time. The cause of this medical problem is known to be caused by allergic diseases such as rhinitis and sinusitis, excessive weight loss, backflow of the throat and larynx, anxiety, tension, and stress.

In fact, IU also opened up about suffering with “Patulous Eustachian tube” in her documentary album “Pieces: 29th Winter,” which was released in March. In a documentary at the time, IU said, “My ears are a little bad these days. It’s slightly different.” After practicing singing with earplugs, she visited the hospital and was diagnosed with a “Patulous Eustachian tube” by the doctor in charge. At the time, the doctor said, “I will try for you to not lose hearing. I will treat it with a procedure without any surgery with risks.”

IU explained the reason behind her anxiousness before the concert by sharing,

It must have been related to tension due to the ear disease. I thought I’ll miraculously show the strength (at the concert) and sing in my original condition.” She comforted herself, saying, “I’m spending my life thinking, ‘I’ll get better when I perform next year’ by raising my optimism in my mind as much as possible.’”

And last weekend, IU overcame it by showing her singing skills. At the concert, she said, “It got worse last night, so I had a hell of a time until today’s rehearsal,” but despite that, she skillfully led the stage to complete another overwhelming stage. Fans are also cheering for her honest confession.

We hope IU recovers from this condition soon.

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