Is “Penthouse 3” Extending Its Run By One More Episode? SBS Responds

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Its been rumored that the “Penthouse 3” will be extended by one more episode!

On July 7, Korean news outlets reported that the drama proposed an extension to its 3rd and final season, “Penthouse 3” was made with 12 episodes in mind and the actors signed a contract for only 12 episodes.

The first and second season of the drama were extended by one more episode too. Season 1 was extended to 21 episodes from the original 20 while season 2 was extended from 12 to 13.

In response to the rumors, a source from the drama stated that nothing has been decided yet regarding the 1 episode extension.

Its also been reported that “Penthouse 3” has already wrapped up filming for episode 7 and the ending has yet to be made known for the cast.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I was thinking about that the other day.

Personally speaking, I don’t get it! I can already see the cracks and the drama has not been on an upward trend in terms of ratings either. I can feel the screenwriter is scrapping for content so it boggles my mind that they want to extend it by one more episode, which is roughly around 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of content, that is a lot.

I guess to the fans who enjoy the drama, one more episode is great news but with the extension and the addition of the third season, I only hope that they don’t make a ridicule out of the drama legacy by the end of all of this.

We’re only 5 episodes in and it already feels like it should’ve ended a while ago.

By Hilda Moore

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