Is Gong Yoo Finally Coming Back To TV Following “Goblin”? News Reports Excite His Eager Fans

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Gong Yoo could be returning to TV soon!

On April 21, it was reported that Gong Yoo was chosen for the Netflix original series “The Sea of Silence” marking his first drama project since “Goblin.”

Fans were over the moon when the news came out, but his agency soon explained that he isn’t confirmed yet, but is reviewing the offer.

“The Sea of Silence” has been in the spotlight for a while now. Bae Doona is in talks for the female lead while actor Jung Woo Sung is participating in producing it.

It’s a sci-fi thriller about the future where desertification has left the earth with food and water shortages. A special team is cast to retrieve mysterious samples from an abandoned search base in the moon.

If Gong Yoo accepts, he’ll play the role of the solider and team leader at the Space and Aeronautics Administration. He’s a charismatic character with exceptional work skills.

“The Sea of Silence” is an eight-part series project that’s set to begin filming in August.

Are you excited about the news? Do you think Gong Yoo suits the role?

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