INFINITE’s L Signs A Contract With Luke Media

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Singer and actor Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE L) has signed an exclusive contract with Luke Media.

On March 7th, Luke Media said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with actor Kim Myung Soo, who has shown outstanding talent and challenges in various fields and has continued to grow. Please look forward to Kim Myung Soo, who will continue to take various steps.”

He recently terminated his contract with agency Management Esang.

Kim Myung Soo debuted as a member of the group Infinite in 2010, and as a self-proclaimed visual member, he immediately caught the public’s attention with his impeccable appearance and outstanding talent. Starting with Japan’s TV Asahi’s “Jiwoo – Metropolitan Police Department Special Criminal Investigation” in 2011, he continued to do both music and domestic acting activities, such as dramas “Shut Up, Flower Boy Band”, “Master’s Sun”, and “My Lovely Girl”, expanding his horizons as an actor. 

Since then, Kim Myung Soo has risen as a leading actor through “The Monarch – Master of the Mask” and “Miss Hammurabi”, “Dan, One Love”, “Welcome”, and “Secret Investigation Team of the Joseon Dynasty”.

He has solidified his position with the filmography he has built step by step. He chose MBC’s new drama “Numbers: Watchers in the Building Forest” as his first work after being discharged from the military, and returning to the small screen after two years.

His main character, Jang Ho Woo, is a high school graduate accountant with excellent memory, observation, an innate sense for numbers, and excellent improvisational skills. Kim Myung Soo plans to closely complete a character with an unusual personality with his unique sharp acting ability and strong presence.

On the other hand, since its establishment in 2009, Luke Media has contributed to the development of the Korean Wave by nurturing new actors, investing in the co-production of dramas and movies, planning performances, and producing Hallyu content. It recently signed an exclusive contract with Yoon Sang Hyun.


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