Idol Girl Group Member Exposes The ‘Sponsor-Culture’ In Kpop And How It Can Ruin Idols Careers

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Dale Shabet’s Serri openly discussed what goes on behind the scenes in the Kpop industry and talked about a taboo subject, sponsorships.

In her latest video on her YouTube channel, she discussed two main subjects, sponsorships and drugs in the Kpop industry.

Sponsorships are usually offered by the higher-ups and chaebols to idol stars usually in exchange for but not limited to sexual favors. She talked about how idols usually get these offers.

She shocked fans by revealing that it’s in fact the company that usually plays a large part in sponsorships. Some agencies welcome these offers and tell idols about it or suggest it while other agencies immediately cut them off before it reaches the idol.

However, even if the agency cuts these offers off there are still ways these people could reach idols, they usually reach idols via DMs of their social media accounts. In her case, she revealed that her CEO never took the group to bars or anything like that, she had never engaged in such meetings or discussions.

She also explained more details about the DM offers; she says that everyone gets such offers,

“Everyone receives such DMs. It’s up to the person to either ignore it or get offended by it and do something about it.”

Since sponsorships are offered by the higher-ups or people in position of power, rejecting it or doing something about it would usually get you in deep trouble. If you’re an aspiring idol turning down such offers could affect your chances in the future, you might not be able to debut in a group, she said,

“It’s not that these artists and trainees wouldn’t survive without the sponsorship money, but their dreams and goals could be threatened by it. I think its terrible.”

What do you think of this?

You can check out her video below:

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